Socrates and Aesop
A Comparative Study of the Introduction of Plato's Phaedo
Academia,  2015, 290 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN 978-3-89665-657-5
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This book is a study of Plato's portraiture of Socrates and of his βίος φιλοσοφικός and of the cultural semantics that underlie it. It focuses on the introductory part of this particular dialogue (57a-61c), with particular emphasis on the repeated references to Aesop and on Socrates' reported [...]


Technè dans les Dialogues de Platon
L'empreinte de la Sophistique
Academia,  2001, 412 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN 978-3-89665-154-9
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Vegetti | Ferrari | Lynch
The Painter of Constitutions
Selected Essays on Plato's Republic
Academia,  2013, 348 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN 978-3-89665-511-0
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This volume presents the English translation of a selection of 15 essays out of the 82 comprised in the seven-volume commentary on Plato's Republic, edited by Mario Vegetti and published by Bibliopolis (Naples).

1. Thrasymachus (M. Vegetti, Univ. di Pavia)
2. Poetry: paideia and mimesis (S. [...]


Giménez Salinas
Theorie und Praxis bei Platon
Die Ethik des gemischten Lebens in Platons Philebos
Academia,  2017, 270 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN 978-3-89665-699-5
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Diese Arbeit verfolgt das Ziel, die späte platonische Ethik aus dem Philebos zu rekonstruieren, indem eine besondere Beziehung von theoretischen und praktischen Fragen entwickelt wird.

Im Philebos fallen zwei Problemen zusammen, deren Entwicklung in den unterschiedlichen Perioden des [...]


Understanding the 'Phaedrus'
Proceedings of the Second Symposium Platonicum, Perugia
Academia,  Second edition, 2016, 348 Seiten, broschiert
ISBN 978-3-89665-663-6
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The Phaedrus is widely used as a text on which to try out new lines of interpretation. Hence the choice of this dialogue as sole topic of the 'Second Symposium Platonicum'.
Discussions at the Symposium led to the exploration and evaluation of various ways of interpreting the dialogue, both [...]