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Nous, Polis, Nomos

Festschrift Francisco L. Lisi
Academia,  2016, 344 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-89665-697-1

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The twenty-three essays pay tribute to the outstanding work of Francisco Lisi. The variety of their topics, methods and approaches reflects the wide scope of Lisi's own scientific interest; their linguistic diversity (the volume comprises contributions in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan) corresponds to Lisi's tireless engagement in promoting scientific cooperation on the international level. The volume ranges over problems of ancient history, philosophy, politics and law, focusing mainly on the classical positions of Plato and Aristotle, while also finding room for more general and systematic topics.
The volume starts with a section of three essays on various problems of ancient history (Barbaric, Maffi, Harris). There follows a series of rather programmatic papers: the first one discussing ancient ethics in general (Horn), other three dealing with Plato - either with his general relevance for today's thought (Zehnpfennig) or critically with the sceptical interpretation of his philosophy (Szlezák, Migliori).
Then the central section of the whole volume follows with eight papers focusing on particular topics and dialogues of Plato (Fronterotta, Ferrari, Irrera, Giorgini, Jinek, Knoll, Molas, Brisson); special stress is given to the core problems of Plato's political philosophy. In this section, authors typically make references to the work of F. Lisi, building on his research and translations.
Aristotle, and particularly his political philosophy, is prominent in the next section of five essays (Fermani, Vegetti, Schütrumpf, Hernández de la Fuente, Gastaldi).
The semi-final group of two papers (Vega, Curnis) focuses on humanistic reception of the works of Aristotle. The volume concludes with a survey on the systematical problem of human rights (A. Havlíčcek, Havlicek).
At the very end it also provides a complete bibliography of Francisco Lisi's writings (Curnis).